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"God's Will for the Rest of Us" is now offered as a study series.

Buy each part of the book separately and take the journey of finding God's will. Tom guides you in this 6 part series beginning with "The Search."

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"God's Will for the Rest of Us" shows - How and Why - God challenges each Christian to be a warrior, a runner, a farmer, and a sacrifice.

Tom dives into four useful perspectives of God's will that can help Christians develop the spiritual strength that leads to godliness, which is a reflection of God's character in our lives.

The Warrior

How to stand victorious in God's plan.

The Runner

Running the race of life -- to win!

The Farmer

God's instructions for an abundant life.

The Sacrifice

Who's on the altar -- Who's on the throne?

Tom Mayhew has developed a unique and refreshing approach to finding God's will wherever we are.

His perspective is from that major part of our lives when we are outside the church building in our homes, in school in our jobs. His life experiences, from Bible college to simultaneous careers in the corporate world adn the military, helped him understand how God works with believers through a uniquely tailored life training plan.


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God's Will for the Rest of Us - 2014